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Welcome to VOICE OF SPINE!


VOICE OF SPINE is a holistic chiropractic office that takes a multi-faced approach to wellness.

We offer not only chiropractic adjustments but also provide the following:

  • Treatment of muscles and fascia
  • Visceral Biomechanics (organ manipulation)
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Energy Work (energy healing)
  • Functional Neurology
  • Advice on nutrition and exercises to uncover the source of your health problems.

We personalize each treatment session to address your specific needs.

Our services


Chiropractic adjustments correct nervous system function.
You will feel that your body is lighter and more relaxed, and you will feel less pain instantly after each adjustment.
Your system will start to heal and to work toward better health.

*Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology testing is used to determine structural, chemical, and mental imbalances in the body.
It is used to treat muscles, cranial bones, the jaw, fascia, the immune system and hormonal imbalances.
Many postural distortions appear as a consequence of these imbalances.
We adjust these imbalances to correct your posture.

*Visceral (Organ) Biomechanics

Visceral biomechanics repositions organs, tissue and blood vessels anatomically and physiologically in the correct place, restoring their original function .
You will feel improvement in bowel movement, digestion, breathing, heartburn, chest pain, racy heart, blood pressure, physical tiredness, recurring colds, metabolic rate, bladder weakness, mental sluggishness and much more.

*Energy Work

Energy Work raises your Life Energy(Chi / Prana).
True Health starts with the activation of Life Energy, the healing power within.
This healing power will strengthen your vitality, reduce stress, and relieve pain.
It is said that stress is the cause of at least 95% of all illness and disease.
Energy Work is for anyone who seeks better health.

*Injury Recall Technique(IRT) “resets” your neurological imbalances from past injuries and surgeries.

*Functional Neurology treatment

*Nutritional advice

*Life style counseling


Our team

外山 誉人

Shigeto Toyama,


  • Doctor of Chiropractic (Tokyo College of Chiropractic)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (RMIT university unit Japan)
  • Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (RMIT university unit Japan)
  • Registered Chiropractor, Japan Chiropractic Register #0512
  • International College of Applied Kinesiology(ICAK) certified Applied Kinesiologist
  • Visceral(Organ) Biomechanics practitioner/instructor
  • Certified Graston Technique® provider
  • B.A (Hosei university)
外山 まな

Mana Toyama,

Life Energy Healer/Artist
International Iridology Practitioners Association(IIPA) certified Iridologist

  • Music for Life Enhancement Diploma (The Institute for Music and Health)
  • Art for Life Enhancement Diploma (The Arts-Health Institute)
  • Diploma in Applied Nutrition(SANO School of Culinary Medicine)
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master
  • Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner
  • Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Flower Therapy Healer
  • Visceral Biomechanics Certified Illustrator
  • Completion Techniques in Iris Analysis and Nutrition Therapies(Bernard Jensen International)
  • Completion IIPA approved Anatomy & Physiology Course
  • Completion Reconnective Healing
  • International Iridology Practitioners Association Member
  • B.A (Rikkyo University)

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday10am - 7pm
Saturday9am - 6:30pm



Initial consultation, examination and treatment Fee10,000 JPY
Regular (Follow up) FeeChiropractic6,000 JPY
Chiropractic and Energy Work7,500 JPY

Please contact us by email for specific information regarding fees for seniors/students/child/infant.


Omotesando station
Exit B1( only stairs )…7 minutes walk
Exit B3 (for escalator) …8 minutes walk
Subway : Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Chiyoda line


Kottodori Building #303,6-12-4 Minamiaoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo

Contact us

Please contact us by email : info@voice-of-spine.com


Elizabeth Murphy

“Dr. Shigeto and Mana are simply the best! I’ve been to around 15 chiropractors in 3 countries, and no other chiropractor’s work even comes close to what they do. I usually walk in feeling like I’m put together all wrong, but even on days when I don’t feel that bad, I leave feeling a million times better.

Dr. Shigeto and Mana know an incredible amount about the human body, and are very good at explaining what is wrong. They also have excellent advice about diet and supplements. I don’t speak any Japanese, but they still bend over backwards to make sure I understand what’s going on; usually, Dr. Shigeto will explain the more complicated things in Japanese, and then Mana will translate it into English for me.

Dr. Shigeto begins every appointment by doing a very thorough examination so that he can tell exactly where I have a problem. I have loose ligaments in my neck, so they move out of place all the time, and Dr. Shigeto knows exactly what direction and angle to adjust them. But he not only adjusts my spine; when I have digestive issues, he figures out what’s wrong, and adjusts the position of my stomach, liver, or whatever is causing the problem. After the appointment, my digestion is noticeably better. When I complained of headaches, he actually adjusted the position of my cranial bone—and the incredible thing is that the headaches by and large went away! No chiropractor has ever been able to do that for me before. After he adjusts me, Dr. Shigeto always checks to make sure that the adjustment worked—and if it doesn’t, he approaches the problem a different way until it does work. When Dr. Shigeto is almost finished with the adjustments, Mana begins doing energy work. Her energy work is simply amazing. Sometimes I come into the appointment feeling stressed out or down, but I always walk out of my appointment feeling refreshed and whole again.

Dr. Shigeto and Mana are the best team you could ask for. They are not only very effective, but are also extremely caring. They do everything they can to help me understand what’s going on during the appointment, and what I can do to avoid having problems in the future. I am from Hawaii, and plan to move back there in a few months—I wish I could get them to move there with me!”

ーElizabeth Murphy


Denise Lescano

“I came to Dr Toyama for help with an longtime problem of pain and numbness in my neck, shoulders, arms and fingers. This had been an ongoing condition resulting from sports injuries some 15 years prior and had been increasingly getting worse as time went on. I had tried many things over the years from western and eastern modalities including other Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, energy workers and Body workers but none had fixed the problem and only provided short term, temporary relief. The problem always returned. As a Professional Psychic Medium, Healer & Reiki Master who also has a background as a Personal Fitness Trainer, I knew intuitively when I met Dr Toyama, that he would be able to help me and fix the imbalances in my body that were causing the ongoing issues. I was aware of the imbalances and new they needed to be treated at the core to cure me, but had been unable to find the right person who knew how to do that.

I have been to many healers, doctors and body workers over the years, and Dr Toyama is by far, the best and very special! I have never met anyone as talented as he is. He combines and uses a unique combination of modalities, techniques and skills together with his high level of intuition to pinpoint and fix the imbalances in the body, and in turn offering a real-lasting cure. I give him my sincerest and highest recommendation. He is amazing! He has fixed my body and relieved my pain. I traveled to Japan twice a year to live and work, and when I do, I continue to visit the good Doctor for body "tune ups" which keep my physical body and energy body's aligned and in balance.

Mana is a very gifted energy healer. I have received many healing energy and Reiki treatments from her over the years when I visit Tokyo and have even had her send long distance healing energy to me when I am at home in the US. I also have her ship to me from Japan her Empowerment Energy charged Bath Salts which are simply amazing for healing, clearing and grounding my energy after working with clients and work exceptionally well for empaths and healers. She is a beautiful and intuitive soul and I highly recommend her treatments!”

ーDenise Lescano

Psychic Medium, Healer &Author

Lyssa Royal Holt

“The care that patients receive at Voice of Spine is superb.Dr.Shigeto is very knowledgeable and skilled, and he utilizes his wisdom along with his keen intuition in every session. Combined with the gentle yet powerful energy work of Mana-san, one can expect to leave the office feeling balanced and light. I travel to Japan for long periods on business and the treatments I receive help to keep me feeling pain-free, happy, and centered. English-language support is available for foreigners too. If you want to do something special for the healing of your body, mind, and spirit, I highly recommend Voice of Spine and the amazing work of the Toyamas.”

ーLyssa Royal Holt

Author and Seminar Leader

Ronald Holt

“Voice of Spine and its wonderful healing practitioners Dr.Shigeto and his wife, Mana-san provide a warm, friendly, nurturing and bilingual environment (English & Japanese) for those seeking healing and restoration in the body, mind, and spirit. Dr.Shigeto's broad knowledge, accurate intuition and precise skill helps him to look beyond the surface level and guides him toward deeper issues in perfect timing. Mana-san's training, understanding and skill assists in providing deep energetic and spiritual restoration and revitalization. Together the Toyamas perfectly complement each other and provide the body with essential holistic care and support.”

ーRonald Holt

Seminar Leader and Director at Seed of Life Institute

Olivier Foures

“When I am in Tokyo I always enjoy taking the time to visit my friends of Voice of Spine, Mana and Dr.Shigeto, to have the best body check. This time I had quite a heavy problem with a knee, and a lot of stress because of it. Shigeto took patiently the time to check all over, while Mana, threw her energy work could make me feel many colours and tastes. It is always a pleasure to stand up after the session, you feel your body and mind are so light, simple and peaceful. My knee fear went completely off, and I can now walk absolutely normally, even climbing stairs.”

ーOlivier Foures

Professor, Choreographer, Dancer, Violinist
Spain/ France

Marcus Wong

“Dr. Shigeto was able to tell from our assessment session that my digestive system slows down whenever there is too much oil in my food, and it has changed my digestive health and my habits since.

Mana's energy is deeply loving and relaxing and I felt refreshed after the session, like rising from a deep sleep”

ーMarcus Wong

Media Relations
Hong Kong

David Cheung

“I really appreciate the kinesiology sessions with Dr. Shigeto during which he ‘reprogrammed’ my body’s belief system to accept self-healing, and over the years, my body has healed itself of minor sickness much more frequently than before the treatment.

Mana's energy work is a great second part of the session that fits perfectly into Dr. Shigeto's kinesiology adjustments.”

ーDavid Cheung

TV Commercial Director
Hong Kong

Justine Yeung / Hin Ko

“Mana and Shigeto were really caring and after every session we leave feeling refreshed and healed. We are grateful for the experience and look forward to visit every time we are in Tokyo!”

ーJustine Yeung / Hin Ko

Photographer / Dentist

“A marvellous wellness place to go in Tokyo !!!
The best chiropracteur in Tokyo !!!
Excellent diagnostic.
This is a miraculous thérapie
for body and soul.
100% trust and confidence.
Thank you so much !”

ーBertrand Barena

Paris Opera Ballet Teacher

“The best place in Tokyo for wellness !
Dr.Shigeto is a fantastic chiropracteur.
For me he is like a magicien!
Dr.Shigeto and Mana-san both are magician !
Each time he can fix my body after ballet injuries or back pain
and Mana-san fixes my soul and spirit.
I always feel better after one time.
No more painful it is miraculous ! I love to go and visit them so much.
Many thanks to Dr.Shigeto and Mana-san (╹u╹)”